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My name is Doug Curtis and I'm a working Producer, Line Producer and Director . I'm also a Film Consultant. I have over 40 years of experience in the motion picture industry and have worn many hats that include Producer, Executive Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, Director and Film Consultant. I love making movies, it’s my passion, I'm equally passionate about sharing my decades of knowledge about the filmmaking process. One hat that I especially like to wear is that of a Film Consultant, because I love sharing what I've learned over my four decades of making movies.

Filmmaking is so much more than the nuts and bolts of producing a movie. It’s about common sense decisions that have to be made every day of every production, even before the film budget process is started. It’s also about people skills that can only be honed by many years of experience. Producing a film is about convincing hundreds of people including; producers, directors, agents, crew members, cast members, unions, and even local vendors that the journey they’re about to embark on is a trip worth taking; a film worth making. It’s about making the journey memorable and fulfilling and successful on all levels. 

I have made Independent and studio films at every budget level, from $500 hundred thousand to $50 million and I have never been over budget on any film I've made. So, whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker who simply needs a budget and a schedule or you’re a beginning filmmaker and you need advice, guidance and encouragement as  your Film Consultant I can guide and assist you in so many ways. 

So let's roll.  Let me be your Producer or Film Consultant.

​Doug Curtis                                                      

"I love making movies, it’s my passion. I’m equally passionate about sharing my decades of knowledge about the film making process". 

Doug Curtis Film Producer

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