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The Hazing  -  The Night the Lights went out in Georgia

Official Trailers of some of Doug Curtis’ diverse body of work:

Doug Curtis Film Consultant Film Budgets

Doug Curtis produced “Freddy Vs. Jason” which, at the time of its release,

was the highest grossing pure horror film of all time.

New Line Cinema  -  Twentieth Century Fox  -  Paramount Pictures  -  MTV  -  Relativity Media  -  Incentive Filmed Entertainment  -  New World Pictures  -  Largo Entertainment  -  Rysher Entertainment  -  Avco Embassy Pictures

 Freddy vs Jason                    Shoot em Up            All About the Benjamins              Cellular                      Next Friday            Save the last Dance


In 1976 I produced and directed my first feature film; “The Hazing”. Since then I've  produced films for a number of major studios and well known independent studios including:

I’m Doug Curtis and I have over 40 years of experience in the motion picture and film development business. I’ve produced and or directed nearly two dozen feature films covering a wide variety of genres including Pure Action, Horror, Comedy and Science Fiction. My films have grossed over a half a billion dollars worldwide. The films I've produced include classics like Next Friday with Ice Cube, Shoot em Up starring Clive Owen, Cellular with Jason Statham and Kim Bassinger and the Horror classic Freddy vs Jason which at the time of it’s release became the highest grossing pure horror film of all time.  Over the course of my career I’ve also made such films as the cult classic Science Fiction film; The Philadelphia Experiment and the action picture Black Moon Rising with Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton. I’m currently CEO of Quarter Town Films which is a new film development and production company where we are developing and producing a full slate of films.

Doug Curtis