Consult with Doug in person or by phone

I can consult on virtually any movie production questions or problems you may want to address. So in order to streamline the process just send me a brief email outlining what it is you want help with then we'll set a call to discuss all the ways I can address your needs. After we've talked, I will come up with a fee that works for both of us, and we'll go from there. As your film consultant I truly look forward to helping you in any way that I can.
-Doug Curtis

Services Offered

There are so many facets of production that I can share with you including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Budgeting  
  • Scheduling  
  • Financing  
  • Locations 
  • Crew needs  
  • Guilds and Unions (SAG, DGA, WGA, IATSE)
  • Completion Bond (very specific requirements necessary to obtain a bond)  
  • Insurance needs  
  • Equipment needs
  • Incentives ( where to shoot your film and maximize your rebate) 
  • Software (Movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling)

As a film consultant my focus is primarily on physical film production. But I have performed nearly every job on a motion picture set and my  knowledge base is extensive. So when I consult with clients, the range of topics I can cover is comprehensive and far reaching and often include subjects that are more about getting your film made/financed than the nuts and bolts of making the film. As a film consultant I can help you with any of these things  So schedule a one on one call with me and we can discuss your project or any other topics related to film production, script analysis. film financing, et al..

I have also consulted with many producers on location to ensure their film is properly budgeted, scheduled, crewed and that each practical location chosen as a shooting location makes sense in the bigger scope of your film budget.

Line Producing
Depending on my schedule, I may be available to work on your project as a line producer. Since every film is different in size and scope I will read your script and determine whether or not your project is a comfortable fit for both parties. If I come aboard to line produce your film my producing fee would be determined by the size and budget of your film. 

As a line producer/production manager I have prepared literally hundreds of film budgets based on film scripts written for locations around the world. My film schedules and film budgets are known for being incredibly detailed and accurate almost to the penny. When I prepare a budget it is bondable and bankable and that should always be your objective when you are considering whether your film is affordable or not. If you are an investor and need and want to know how much a film is really going to cost, as a film consultant, I can provide you with that answer.

In addition to the detailed film budget I will provide a complete set of critical assumptions which include:

  • A summary top sheet of the budget.
  • Budget breakdown.
  • Production overview – (includes the number of shooting weeks, location days, stage days, 2nd unit days, shooting hours budgeted, shooting format, holidays included in production period, shooting format, film allowance or tape allowance, A camera days, B camera days, 2nd unit days, etc.).

I will also provide a complete breakdown of the script and a shooting schedule which will include:

  • A chronological breakdown of every element in every scene in the script.
  • Shooting schedule and one line schedule which lists:
  • A brief description of each scene.
  • What cast is working each day.
  • Set and location description.
  • Scenes shooting each day.
  • Extras required each day.
  • Day/Night designation of each scene shooting.

NOTE: If you feel that you don’t have the resources to do a full blown budget/schedule, for a fixed fee, I will read your script and give you detailed production notes and an educated guess as to what the final budget will be. This should never be considered a substitute for the real thing but with my many years of experience I can give you  a fairly  realistic look at what you can expect your film will cost to produce. 

Doug Curtis Film Consultant Film Budgets

Doug Curtis